What is The Montana Way?

Well, here's our take on it...

It's Big Sky, Rocky Mountain High
Hookin' a Brown or Buckin' a Bale.
It's 4x4's, Wide Open Spaces
Shreddin' the Slopes or Hiking a Trail.
It's Lake Days, Long Summer Nights
Drinkin' Beers Around the Campfire Light.
It's 2 National Parks, Rural Country Life
Livin' the Dream, A Tale Only You Can Write.

The Montana Way was established in the Fall of 2014 by two Montana women who share a passion for everything Montana. We are inspired by the beauty that surrounds us every day. We search for meticulously handcrafted items and we always select our collections with care, thought and love. Operating out of a small town in Western Montana, we are a Montana born & bred company. For us, The Montana Way is just our way of life. Follow us on our journey and please share yours! Show us how you live #themontanaway.